MANY 2018 Conference #MANYRocs

Call for Proposals


Annual Conference April 8-10, 2018

Rochester, NY


Visioning Change

Join colleagues for the only peer-to-peer learning experience serving New York State’s entire museum community with a dynamic, engaging, and inspirational conference sessions. This year’s MANY conference will take advantage of all that Rochester to offer; programs, workshops, and new Conference Capstones will be held in cultural institutions throughout the city. Evenings will include fun, engaging networking events and delicious dining experiences. 
New York State’s museums and cultural institutions are responding to our changing audiences, the promise of new technology, and the shifting availability of resources. We are creating powerful museums through new partnerships with arts and community organizations, education and environmental institutions, the tourism industry, and local governments. As we strive to define ourselves and the meaning of diversity, we are changing the questions we ask and how we tell stories about our collections. Our need for learning and sharing what we do by coming together as a field is greater than ever. Join us in Rochester to discuss what comes next and help us build a vibrant future!
Submit a Proposal 
Share how your museum is changing the ways in which it works with audiences, collections, and programs that support its mission. Presenters from all sizes of institutions, all stages of their careers, and from all disciplines are welcome to submit a proposal; inspiration comes from all voices! 
New for 2018!
We are calling for proposals from emerging museum professionals and students for “10x10” sessions. Share your vision for the museum field of the future through 10 power point slides in 10 minutes. 
Proposals will be reviewed by a committee of MANY board members and cultural institution professionals from the Rochester area. 
The deadline for proposals is October 31, 2017.
The review committee will meet in November and you will be notified in December. 
Accepted proposals will address the theme “Visioning Change” or suggestions for “Museum Must Haves” submitted by 2017 conference attendees.
Visioning Change Session Ideas:
How are you
  • inspiring audiences and communities? 
  • making discoveries about exhibit planning and design? 
  • presenting your collection in ways that change perceptions?  
  • sharing your message through social media?
  • communicating with elected officials?
  • changing your events to entice target audiences?
  • changing your visitors into donors?
  • working with New Americans?
  • creating new collaborations?
  • innovatively managing your collection?
  • building a working environment that embraces change?
  • soothing growing pains?
  • finding new resources? 
  • experimenting and engaging new audiences through programming?
  • changing the way you work?
  • finding new ways to utilize your facilities?
  • creating new collaborations?  
Museum Must-Have Session Ideas:
  • Fundraising Nuts and Bolts
  • Board-Director Relationships, Roles, and Responsibilities
  • Building Community Relevance
  • How to…
  • More Results, Less Theory
  • Basic Training for New Staff
  • Combining Exhibition Content and Design
  • Bringing Formal and Informal Educators Together
  • Big Picture and Nuts and Bolts
  • Accessioning and Deaccessioning
  • Practice and Process of Community Engagement 
  • Recruiting and Training Volunteers and Docents
We look forward to all of your great ideas! 
Deadline: October 31, 2017
Email your proposal in word or rtf to:
Click here for the Annual Conference 2017 Session Proposal Form as a downloadable word doc. 
Click this link to download the form as a pdf: 2018_conference_call_for_proposal_form.pdf